El Niño is coming, are you ready?

Based on the recent temperature readings from the Pacific, the scientist at NOAA believe that the 2015 winter season will be heavily effected by an El Niño. It is still unclear how strong of an El Niño we should expect, but it may be the strongest we have seen since the late 1990's event. According to the National Center for Atmospheric Research, 20-inch snowstorms are almost twice as likely to occur during El Niño years as other years. Most huge storms hit during spring and fall, while mid-winters are relatively cold and dry.

So what does this mean for second and vacation home owners in Summit County Colorado? BE PREPARED! Preventive maintenance and frequent inspections are key to protecting your investment while you are unable to do so yourself. Don’t let this winter go to chance. Let Colorado Vacation Home Services protect and prepare your home from what could be a very tough winter. Contact us today to discuss your vacation home’s coverage. And leave the worries of second home ownership to us.

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